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Ice Fishing can be one of the most challenging kinds of fishing you will ever do. Jeff Smith has been ice fishing just about all of his life and he shares 34 years of experience with us on how to prepare, what to bring, bait tricks, lures, shelter, new electronics, and how to stay safe and warm on the ice. You'll learn the basics and see some of the advanced tools ice fishing pros are using to make an enthusiast out of you. Come with us now as we spend a day on one of the North Idaho Panhandle's pristine lakes fishing for Northern Pike and pan fish.

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An hour long documentary featuring some of the very best aerobatic pilots in the world.
Their heritage comes from the era of the barnstormers. Their courage comes from within themselves. Their goal is to entertain millions of people while satisfying an intense inner drive to excel at something even most pilots will never attempt. These people are the professional aerobatic pilots. These people are the

"...We appreciated the opportunity of airing SKYDANCERS in prime time...we recieved many complimentary calls about the program."

 "...Skydancers tells the inside story of a pursuit in which absolute excellence is a minimal requirement."


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Skydancer's Airshow Special-video
SKYDANCER'S AIRSHOW SPECIAL-Click here for preview

ECO-TRAVELER SAFARI of SARAWAK         The Island of Borneo
What begins as an adventure in the jungles of Sarawak to visit eco-destinations, trek a 100 million year-old rainforest, and to meet indigenous forest shamans, soon takes a turn. Nature guide and host of Eco-Traveler Safari, Don Hayes,  becomes obsessed with following news and stories of the healing properties of the rare Bintangor tree, rumored to yield a substance from it's bark that will cure AIDS and Cancer. The crew is drawn deeper and deeper into many challenges as they forge their way up jungle rivers and trek the Head Hunters trail to find a medicine man, a forest shaman who may know of this tree. What we see is raw and awesome beauty.  What we feel is an unexpected connection with these forest people and the challenges they face in preserving their way of life and the forest sources of food and medicine by which they live. Finally, in a postscript we meet the bio-prospector who brought the original samples of the rare Bintangor tree to our National Cancer Institute for testing.  He explains how the  compound Calanolide A and B were isolated and the effectiveness and sucess now seen against the HIV/AIDS virus in Clinical trials. He also reveals the reasons why such plant sources have this unique potential and that preservation of such forest plant sources is critical.   Finally, he notes that time may be running out as rainforests continue to diminish. 

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Eco-Traveler Safari of Sarawak video



SKYCIRCUS: The Aerial Stunts of John "Birdman" Carta. (NOT YET RELEASED-Watch for announcement)

You'll remember his daring pinpoint landing on the World Trade Center in New York. His plunge from 12,000 ft. landing on the South Tower of the Verizano Bridge. Carta's notorias jumps including the Leaning Tower of Piza record low freefall are all here on SKYCIRCUS. Before Carta's death he had revived and developed "The Batwing." We follow the evolution of Carta's trial and flights with the wing and final jump from a fixed object 3500 feet high. Perhaps his attempts started what has become a full fledged sport today. Something he always predicted would happen. Carta is featured in the recently published book: Birdmen, Batmen, and SkyFlyers -from Harmony Books.

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SKYCIRCUS-Click Here for Preview

MOUNTAIN BIKE CHALLENGE  Highlights and color of the mountain bike racing circuit as it is today. Our documentary traces the early days of Fat Tire Bike pioneers as they developed better and better equipment to take the punishment that would become the all out downhill action that it is today. We take a look at the NORBA circuit at Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort as racers compete in 3 classes for more than $42,000 in prizes. Top champions in all age classes take on the challenge of one of the toughest courses on the circuit today. We'll hear what drives them and why they do it. Stay here and see all the action on the MEDIASOURCE® CHANNEL. (program stream to be announced)

Mountain Bike Challenge-Video
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