You are watching a new and exciting public relations tool. The V-MAIL from the MEDIASOURCEŽ GLOBAL NETWORK. That's right! As you can see a video e-mail message that opens immediately without a browser to load, sharp and clear, and without uncertain attachments for your recipient to open. Direct and simple. And best of all this could be your message.

Most of us will open our e-mails on a regular basis as much daily communication in the business world is on a need-to-know basis. We open our messages even when we don't open letter mail, take the time to watch DVD's sent by a vendor, or browse print.

If you are using HTML e-mail to broadcast your message you already are aware of the glut out there. The question is how can you stand apart and get the attention that converts to a successful campaign for the effort and cost you expend? The MEDIASOURCEŽV-MAIL is a Break-A-Way Technology which  allows your recipient to see your message not just the text. And, of course it is easier to respond to your communication online. When you look at cost per view we think you will agree that this is a very attractive option. Surveys show that direct-mail responses are considered healthy at around .08 to 1%. Text email figures hover around 4-16% response. So you can imagine that a multidimensional V-MAIL might well be your best option.

Our video technology now enables you create and send a MEDIASOURCEŽ V-MAIL that opens instantly, just like what you are watching here. You do it from your desktop or anywhere you can login to your private panel. No waiting time for a "player" to open. We provide a complete end to end service with full panel and toolset. There are no servers to buy, no software to download. Simply, you log in to your password protected work station from any computer and you have everything to send 1 or thousands of MEDIASOURCEŽ V-MAILS. You have total hands on and control. And best of all, when the video stops playing you can control what happens next. You can send them to your website, or to a form on your website.

Find out how you can broadcast your message in this new and highly cost effective medium in the world of PR today. We have provided an email form below which will get you all the information to get started.

First Name
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Mediasource V-Mail Basic-$19.95 per month.
Gives you 500-1 minute video V-Mails per month
and access to password protected console and toolset.
First 3 minutes of Video encoding included.
Sign up for account with credit card here.
You will then recieve password by email and access to get started.
Additional use is charged monthly at 5 cents per video minute.
(Example: Your V-Mail message with a 1 minute video clip=.05cents.)

Mediasource V-Mail Basic 500-Billed Monthly
Our Client account.
Ideal for organizations and businesses needing
to reach out with marketing, PR, newsletters
and corporate messages. Features unlimited
use and our full password protected console
and toolset for creation of your message. Gives
you ability to track when your message was
opened, how long viewed and which recipients
opened. Billed monthly on use. Set up includes
initial 10 minutes of video encoding.

MEDIASOURCE V-MAIL Client Account One time Set up fee
A favorite of those needing to make
special announcements such as events,
political messages, and new product previews.
Bandwidth based on video minutes are purchased
in blocks based on need and size of database and
opt-in mail list. Gives you password protected access
to console for creation of message, tracking stats, and
upload of list or ability to foward V-Mail to your
mailer for sending. Starts at blocks of 10,000 video minutes.

BULK PURCHASE-V-MAIL- 10,000 video minutes
Affiliates and Partners
           Video Production: We can produce your message or edit existing video.
           Charges can be quoted upon request.
           You will be required to sign a copyright release on all material that demonstrates       
           your right to use and publish.
           We are not inviting spammers to use this service. It is a business to business service.
           If you have an existing email opt-in, client list, subscribers or organizational list this
           The best use of Mediasource V-Mail services.

 MEDIASOURCEŽ and affiliates reserve the right to refuse use of this service for any reason and may discontinue at any time if it is determined that the service is being misused in any way. Illegal uses are forbidden. This service is not for spammers, indecent, x-rated or pornographic material. Including invitations and links to such sites and emails. Generally, the service is best suited for Opt-In lists, subscribers to your services or offerings. This service offer begins on the date of registration and ends either upon usage of the purchased V-Mails offered in the plan or upon completion of the plan you choose or upon non-payment of bills due for monthly service charges or fees for additional services. A credit card must be posted to which services charges and additional charges will  be billed to monthly. If credit card on file becomes insufficient for our charges, the account will be suspended.  You will receive email billing reciepts upon payment.  If a payment is not made and is not activated the  account becomes inactive. All bills are due upon reciept.  You may however, choose to upgrade the service to one of our other package offerings at anytime.




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