About Us
Video Content production
At MEDIASOURCEŽ we have come to realize that each video communication has uniquely different requirements.

Just as feature films are put together in Hollywood, we design a production crew around the need, not fit the production requirements to the crew.

It is upon this premise that we bring together the best possible talent to fill your production needs...and, we have quite a resource too! Award winning commercial directors, news gathering specialist, cinematographers, writers and editors. All who give their best. We don't use the others, because you can't build a business on that kind of thinking.

Yes,...Appropriate words. Words that provoke thought, gently persuade, rally support, convincingly sell.

At times, one power word is enough. At other times, a sort of magic takes place when the right combination can give a lyrical sense to your message.

We strive for that word magic by composing a script which heightens the need to change or make a decision by raising consciousness. We search for words that persuade by making a logical conclusion without offending. We enlist words that reward by communicating useful information, clearly.

Our technical skills in film and video production as well as our directorial expertise is assured by years of experience, and a long list of satisfied clients.

Taking the time to find the right talent, locations, lighting, and proper audio, demands extra effort. We thrive on perfection.

We strive to tell a story in pictures only, a challenge we love to tackle.

Whether your message requires a sense of the dramatic, exquisite timing of the talent, or tantalizing pictures and graphics to bring your program alive...we can do it at MEDIASOURCEŽ.
The impact of images that touch human emotions can be the most effective element of any message.

How to create the right images for your message takes some thought, feeling, and of course, technical skill.

We have the touch to blend the kind of words and images that evoke positive response to your communication.

Whether we use images of personal triumph, comedy, surprise, status, urgency, or well being, our goal is to make that communication memorable long after it has been viewed.

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